5D Activation


As you are reading now word by word you begin to slow down and
relax, allowing yourself to take time to settle in the present moment,
feeling comfortable and at ease, and at peace. Your breathing slows
down, deepens and expands.

Nourished by oxygen and your awareness, your body begins to
relax even deeper, feeling loved, feeling light, feeling ease.
Cells of your body begin to smile gently, softly, lovingly, inviting you
to establish deeper connection with your sacred self, with the part
of you you have been wanting to get to know better, closer, deeper.
5D Activation
Now. Imagine that you leave your body being warm and comfortable,
and safe, where it is now. And you begin to float up higher and higher
into a dimension that has been calling you for a while, where you find
peace, love, healing and a growing sense of being at home.
That's right.

As you are floating higher and higher, you begin to see everything
with an appreciative perspective, you don't judge anything anymore,
you accept it all, knowing that all is well and you are moving now
into a new energy, new place, new higher vibrational frequency of love,
awareness and oneness.

As you are still moving higher and higher, ascending towards the space
you haven't visited for a while, you feel more freedom, more joy, more love. Unconditional love. Unconditional love and clarity.
5D Activation
With your clear eye sight you see a crystal palace appearing right
in front of you.
Closer and closer.
This magical place is so familiar to you, it feels like home, like you
have been here before. This crystal palace is a place of
transformation, deep 5D activation, miracle healing, awakening,
re-connection and liberation.

You have been waiting for this moment for the whole of your life.
This is the place where you remember who you are.
You remember who you are, why you are here.
Where you integrate all your lessons and get to move on.
You get to move on into the 5th dimensional reality with pure love,
ease and peace.
You notice and absorb all colours, sounds and energies of this
magnificent place.

As you gently move inside you can not help but notice a
comfortable crystal bed prepared for you or by you, for your journey
deeper into your new beautiful reality.
5D Activation
As you lay down comfortably, feeling warm and relaxed with a child like anticipation, you begin to spin faster and faster with the highest frequencies
available to you right now in this magical healing space.
The spinning is followed by vibration, the highest frequency
activation you are open to receive and embrace.
Trust it, let it change the whole structure and the blueprint of
your body, receive the upgrade, let light and love flow
through your veins, penetrate through your being.
Radiate that light through your heart and through your skin.
Be the light. Be the love. Now. That's right. There is no separation.
Be there. Stay there. Saturate the energy as long as you need, you will know when to begin your journey back into the physical.

As you return kindly to the planet Earth and slip gently into your human
body, notice how comfortable it is for you to be in your beautiful
intelligent body. Your heart beats and your blood circulates, your
perfect temperature and pH sustained without your conscious
participation. You trust those processes and now, with the renewed
level of awareness, you gained a knowing that the bright future is
happening now for you. All you do is enjoy it with your open heart.
You listen to your heart and you follow its guidance. Now.
Your capacity to love - starting with yourself - increases daily.
You remember who you are.
You remember who you are and that you are loved beyond measure.

By Irina Valentino

Founder of MindWellness & Life Transforming Solutions
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