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In my approach to life success coaching I combine the following modern rapid change interventions:
  • Breathwork (Rebirth and Soma breath)
  • Life Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy™
  • Eye Movement Integration™
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping
  • Energy Healing
  • Mindfulness, Reiki
The experience is deep, intense and relaxing.
The result is profound.
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Breath, Mind and Life Mastery
hundreds of lives, transformed and grateful
Clients' love
  • Irina is hugely kind and caring person that spills into her work. I don't just recommend her to my friends who are seriously struggling but anyone who wants to improve their life.
    James Bushell
  • Irina is excellent! She makes you feel immediately at ease and quickly gets to what's needed with your problems. She is really inspiring and makes you feel good. I recommend seeing her.
    Robin Crawley
  • I asked Irina for help to manage stress, particularly exam stress. Not only did she help me find what I needed to pass an exam on my final attempt (I had already tried three times) but she also gave me the tools to carry with me in life. Irina doesn't judge, she listens and helps, she is also one of the kindest most content people I have ever met and she radiated this every time I met her. If there is an issue you need help with, I would highly recommend talking to Irina.
    Cheryl Rose, GP
  • Irina is an exceptionally talented professional who has dedicated her life and career to uplifting and transforming those who are ready to embrace a positive change in their lives. She is very capable and trustworthy to inspire and create powerful shifts in her clients. She really lives and breathes her teachings in an extremely congruent way. I would very highly recommend her personally without question, especially if you are at a crossroads in your life and want clarity and impartial guidance that she is able to skillfully draw out from within your heart.
    Simon Blake
about Irina
I grew up in a loving family in Siberia in Russia.
Despite harsh weather conditions, it's a place where people share magical and powerful connections to their pristine origins.

As I grew up I saw my future in teaching.
However, as many of us at first I went somewhere else.
I studied engineering, physics and metallurgy.
Physics and the interconnectedness of all life remain the most fascinating subjects for me.

Prior moving hypnotherapy online I had been working as a Mind Wellness Consultant from doctors surgeries in Norwich, UK, specialising in anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fear, phobias and addictions. I have been supporting people with personal mastery since 2012.

We all need help and support from time to time.
In January 2023 my only daughter Dasha moved to heaven after a short battle with the most aggressive type of breast cancer. She was 29 years old, beautiful, kind and very intelligent.
Being very happy in her love relationship with Jack, Dasha was enjoying her career as an immigration lawyer.
Life dropped me on my knees to experience the deepest grief known to a mother.
"Why? Doesn't humanity need kind loving people and awake lawyers?" I kept asking, "It's not fair. I miss you."
"Mama, my mission was accomplished for this life time. You can't miss somebody who is already here. I love you.
I am proud of you. Focus on yourself."
I took time to feel it all, to travel, to connect with myself and with Dasha.
To help myself breathe I trained in two different modalities of breathwork: Rebirth Conscious Connective Breathing and Soma Breath.

Now we work together. Dasha always guides and supports me. As soon as I ask her help is instant.

I love supporting people to lean into loving themselves and their lives. The more love, joy and prosperity we have, the more we can share with others.

You are a multidimensional being of light… it's time to be living that way.

What are the benefits of hypnotherapy and breathwork
with Irina Valentino?
You tap into clarity and certainty of what you want, how to create it and the purpose you are here.
You bring love and happiness into the now and from that powerful place you create your beautiful future. Best investment is the investment in yourself.
You unleash enthusiasm for life, energy and gifts that you have in you. You thrive as opportunities and money come to you naturally and effortlessly.
You feel safe, supported and understood as like somebody holds your hand and walks you through the best feeling path.
You consciously create soulful relationships based on mutual trust, respect and gratitude.
Principles I've learned from my teachers and mentors are presented in an efficient way. You have more time for fun and a healthy life work balance.


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Journey with me to reconnect with your Highest Divine Self.
Together let's awaken the great potential that exists within you.
For you, for your family, for your friends and for all of humankind.
All energies are now fully supporting you to embody who you truly are.
Thrive and see the spark of light in all of life.
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