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Irina Valentino provides flexible sessions that can be conducted using a mixture of 1:1 face to face, telephone and skype or a combination of all three methods. This will greatly depend on your preference and geographical location, the result is the same, you feel happy, empowered and free from the mind created issues.

Irina offers no obligation phone / Skype consultations. The booking is simple, click on the green button below.

EMAIL or CALL 07877141692 
Breakthrough Program
To ensure lasting results Irina Valentino has designed 5 weeks Breakthrough Program that will be tailored specifically for your needsThe price of this life changing program is £550.
The sessions are individually tailored weekly in the beginning, with the longer time between the sessions at the end of the program.
Transformational Support 
There is no doubt that the best results come from deeper relationships and awareness we generate when we know and work together for longer periods of time.
If you feel that you’ll benefit from an ongoing support for 12 weeks you may wish to choose Transformational Individual Support for £1,200 (£120 saving).
Payment can be made by cash (for meetings in person), bank transfer, cheque or Paypal online secure payment.
Irina Valentino Hypnotherapy 

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