I'm Irina

Mind Wellness Solutions
for anxiety,
panic attacks,
fear and phobia

I cannot thank you enough for all your support, understanding and encouragement, plus oodles of inspiration. It was the perfect time to find you, and I found you for a reason. I feel at peace and content within and now believe. I really do feel like a new person, full of vitality. I also thank you so much for your continued well wishes and encouragement. I will miss this, and working with such a wonderful soul. Your work is amazing." Faye
Professional Passion for Transformation
In her approach Irina Valentino combines the following modern rapid change interventions:
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy™
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping
  • Eye Movement Integration
  • Energy Healing
  • Mindfulness, Reiki
The experience is enjoyable, deep and relaxing.
The result is profound.

About Irina Valentino
This story began in the seventies on the bank of the River Ob in the small town called Kargasok, amidst the endless expanses of the Siberian taiga in Russia. Irina grew up in severe conditions of low temperatures and breathtaking beauty where people share magical and powerful connections to their pristine origins.
Although she saw her future in teaching, she ended up studying engineering, physics and metallurgy at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Physics and the interconnectedness of the Universe remain the most fascinating subjects for her.

Irina believes that we are here to create and experience good quality lives and that our dreams are meant to become true. The more love, joy and abundance we have, the more we can share with others.

Irina will take you to a long forgotten place deep within, facilitate your awakening of the ancient memory of who you truly are and what you are here for. She is a living example of how personal development and advanced techniques can transform your life and help you to achieve your desired states and outcomes.

Now Irina is on a mission to building her travel club business helping people to upgrade their lifestyle and reach financial independence.

At the moment she is looking for 3-4 enthusiasts, visionaries and leaders to personally work with and coach, who are willing to put much of their energy to enjoy a lifetime of freedom and fulfilment though travel. Could this be you?

Irina's work comes from a place of humility, integrity and love of life.
Travel with Irina Valentino
Follow your dreams
Life is too short and fragile to postpone your dreams or never make them true. If travelling is one of them you may be surprised that it is possible to travel 4 and 5* as often as you possibly want, and get paid for it.
Fantasy to reality
Playing golf, diving, skiing, simply relaxing and fine dining or making a difference through building bottle schools and bringing communities together our holidays are for every age and inspiration.
Collect points
The points that you collect though your membership will take you on your life-changing journey. What would you like to see and experience next?
Unique experiences
Explore some of the most picturesque places on Earth, and also the path to who you are, all while joined by friends and family on the same journey.
Something deep in the human heart breaks at the thought
of a life of mediocrity.
Growing in love with life is growing in awareness.
If this is not a purpose of life then what is?
— Irina Valentino
Hundreds of lives, transformed and grateful
When I first came I felt really low, I did not believe in myself, was not energetic. I had panic attacks, tightness in my chest, I often was breaking down in crying. I am now energetic, positive, happy, smiling. My laughter has come back and I get dad dancing again.
The whole family is so much happier. Michael
I had counselling for a year and nothing changed for me. I was anxious, felt closed and restricted. I couldn't interact with people. It is amazing that now I am relaxed and receptive. I feel more willing to be open. It's like the book that was closed, now it is open. Steven
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