May 182013

Very recently I observed a street game between a 4-5 year old gorgeous, curly blonde daughter and her mother.

Mum was saying “You are stupid” whilst gently smacking the little girl’s bottom. The girl was laughing hysterically.  Mum repeated “You are stupid”, smacking the girl again and again and laughing with her.

Yes, by all means, it could be worse. Mum could be kicking her child while shouting, “You are stupid”.

On this occasion it was light hearted but at the time of witnessing this I thought,  “wow, what a powerful anchor is being created now that will affect the girl’s life.

How long will it take before the curly blonde locked girl, becoming a young woman or even an elderly lady, will unlearn the statement embedded in her subconscious mind when she was four? At a certain age she even might become aware that she is a source of light manifested in the flesh to experience the illusion of separation: its humanness, the rainbow of emotions, then to return back to her original source.
You Are Enough” is a message that speaker and author Gary King is passionately spreading around the world.  The message is to help young people and adults stop judging themselves based on what they have been told by their parents, teaches, peers’ expectations and status quo. With the veil removed they can see themselves as who they already are.
Who you truly are is nothing to do with your marks, achievements and results. You are already enough. You are unique and special in your own way.

“We are all one Energy Stream, but what makes the separations or distinguishes the differences is perspective. You are a unique and individual perspective.”– Abraham Hicks

Already, you are magnificent; you are a perfect creation, based on your beliefs, of God, Allah, Buddha or the Universe. In addition you can make peace with your past and present; practise proven strategies for good health and great relationships; mould or sharpen business skills.  These evolutions will transform your life no matter where you are. Your past does not equal your future. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have. However, in this moment of imaginary time you are just perfect anyway.
Gary King had a series of intriguing and successful careers and at the same time experienced multiple grief:   guilt over the estrangement from his father; failed marital and personal relationships; cancer; having his daughter taken from him, only to realise through a paternity test that he was not her father; the death of a five year old boy whom he hit with his vehicle after the boy had ran from his mother crossing a busy street; the suicide of his own son.

It took Gary King over 60 years, over 25 horrific life events to become aware of the importance of dealing with childhood traumas. Forgiving your parents and people who might have hurt you is the key to moving on and creating a brighter future.

You need to be FREE from emotions of guilt, anger and unworthiness. You are a vibrating energy form, spiritual creation that had the courage to come into this physical world to create earthy experiences. You are not a human that has an occasional spiritual experience.

You are a spirit that is having this human experience by focusing your energy: observing, distorting, deleting billions of information flooded through your senses; the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch it all.Your focus and your emotions create your reality the way it is. Each and every moment helps you to become who you ultimately are. You will never get ‘there’ and you will never get it done. The joy is in the journey.

You have never been cut off; you are and always will remain one with the highest vibrating energy source. Relax and enjoy the unfolding. You are enough. Make this moment to be enough. Feel the love in your heart. Start with yourself. Second by second. It is the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life. You are enough right now.

Gary King is speaking next in the UK on Wednesday the 29th May at the Yes Group London. 

By Irina Valentino Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

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