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We are human beings and it’s ok to experience the full rainbow of emotions. Being stuck, however, in the negative feelings for a long time does not do you any good – your health is seriously effected, your relationships are not blossoming, your career is not progressing, your energy is low and your creativity equals zero. At that level it seems that life sucks.

If today you have similar unpleasant dominating thoughts and feelings as a year ago it’s time to make changes, your life is too precious not to enjoy it. Here are some hints to get you going toward experiencing love, good health, happiness and abundance, all that is your birth right.

1. Balance your life

Dissociate yourself from the problems big and small and take a thorough look at the bigger picture of the life you have managed to create up until now. Family, Relationships, Spirituality, Career, Health & Fitness, Personal Development (click to learn more about the Wheel of Life )  – what areas are working well and where do you need to direct your energy to? The more balanced your life is, the happier you are.

2. Learn the lessons and move on

We all had traumas in our lives. Challenges are there for us to stretch and grow, to learn more about ourselves and develop compassion towards others. My ride wasn’t easy, but boy oh boy, I needed every single twist on the way to become the person I am today. I’ve been there, I’ve experienced that, I know how my clients feel and that is why I can help them to get unstuck, progress and make dreams become their reality. I know psychotherapists who used to be alcoholics or drug addicts and they changed their misfortunes into good fortunes. Everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as a coincidence.

For example, being bullied or abused as a child can lead to eating disorders later. Migraines could indicate resisting the flow of life, sexual fears, self criticism.

Accept life and its experiences, practice non-resistance, love yourself, be grateful, enjoy every minute of being here.

Something wrong with your heart? Bring joy back to your life. Express love to all.

Lung problems? Work on loving live life to the fullest, let go of grief, fear, depression.

Ask yourself, “what is there in this problem for me to learn?”, sort it out and move on.

Seek help to improve your health and your life. There are modern strategies based on ancient wisdom such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Integration, Thought Field and Time Line Therapies, Fast Phobia technique and numerous other interventions that can help you to release negative energy and make rapid change. You are worth it- you can be free from the baggage that is holding you back.

Temporary solutions like alcohol, drugs, or tobacco don’t resolve the cause of the problem; they lower your energy level, harm your immune system, numb your feelings and create a false temporary sense of relief and freedom.

3. Stretch yourself and grow

If you had all the money you need how would you contribute to the world? You can only be happy if you are expressing yourself, your talents and gifts. What is it that stirs your soul and makes your feel alive? What have you always wanted to learn and to do and kept postponing until better times? What can you do today to enjoy yourself more so you are in the flow of life? Make a commitment to shape your environment, shape yourself and share the best of yourself with others.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” – Anthony Robbins

4. Get centered

Allow for the connection to your inner strength to grow. You are naturally peaceful, loving, abundant and happy. When your mind gets in the way you may think otherwise. Realise that your thoughts are not who you are. Like a child allow yourself to not know all the answers. Observe your thoughts and let go of those that are not helpful to you on your journey to greatness. Yoga, Meditation, Latihan, Tai Chi or just regularly taking time to sitting quietly can help you to ground, center yourself and find clarity by calming your wandering mind, allowing observing and connecting.

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy Bowtique

5. Love yourself

Your body is a vessel where your soul temporarily lives. You may choose to spend a hundred of years in your body, so you better look after it and treat it with respect. Your body with its almost 850 muscles works hard to get you around and deserves being in a good shape. Healthy food,  exercise and nourishment lead to feeling good, which of course effects your mind as it has been discovered that mind and body connected.

Dance your blues away. Your favourite music and dancing improve your mood, uplift your spirit and consequently attract people and events that meet your resonating energy level.

6. Love people

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy Bowtique

You are here to love. How other people behave is their karma, how you react is yours. If you don’t like something in people’s behaviour, ask yourself, “What is it in me causing that disagreement and denial?”  Work on yourself, love yourself, love others. “If you judge people, you have no time to love them,” said Mother Teresa.

Love your close ones, your neighbours, your colleagues and your enemies even more as they show you what is you need to improve in you. What are you defending in yourself – it’s never about others! “We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.”  – The Talmud

Your purpose in life is to learn how to give out love and allow love in.

7. Be grateful

Gratitude changes our emotional state as quickly as you say, ‘Thank you.’

If you are struggling to find things to be grateful for say thank you for this day above the ground, for this glorious afternoon or the beautiful rain that helps the grass to grow in your garden. Be grateful for Being, for the present moment and fullness of life.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

8. Co-create your life

Surround yourself with people that help you to be the best you can be, that inspire and empower you to achieve your desired outcomes. Offer your time and help to those you can learn from, observe their thinking, their core beliefs and what they do differently. Eventually, you will be resonating at the higher level of energy as they do.

No season lasts forever, spring always comes after winter and life is a cycle of planting, reaping, resting and renewal.

Start working with the laws governing the universe through affirmation and visualisation, which attune you to the law of attraction. Start consciously participating in the co-creation of your life.

9. Smile while creating your destiny

When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by if you … smile. Begin to experiment, not in a big serious way, but in a playful, trusting mindset of wonder and appreciation. You will discover that you have been fully equipped to live your highest potential. You will radiate happiness, compassion, unconditional love, peace, joy. You will know that your life journey has a purpose. You will consciously realise oneness and interconnectedness to all life. You will no longer consider your life as a problem to be solved but rather as a mystery to be enjoyed and celebrated. You will realise that you can be, do and have everything you want as you are the writer, actor, producer, and director of your very own play on the stage of life.

By Irina Valentino, Life Success Coach


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