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Life is too short and fragile to postpone your dreams or never make them true. If travelling is one of them you may be surprised that it is possible to travel 4 and 5* as often as you possibly want, get paid for it or even create a 6 - 7 figure business from anywhere in the world.
Is this you?
Want to travel more
Have a desire to experience beautiful and exciting places, taste the deliciousness of life on different continents
Prefer quality experiences
Like a bit of luxury, ease and comfort
Have passion for life
Your passion and enthusiasm for life contagious
Longing for freedom
Believe that there is more to life out there
Not afraid to dream big
Always have been a dreamer and a powerful co-creator
Open for more joy
There is room for more fun and fulfilment
Let's travel the world
Travel with Irina Valentino
Follow your dreams
Life is too short and fragile to postpone your dreams or never make them true. If travelling is one of them you may be surprised that it is possible to travel 4 and 5* as often as you possibly want, and get paid for it.
Fantasy to reality
Playing golf, diving, skiing, simply relaxing and fine dining or making a difference through building bottle schools and bringing communities together our holidays are for every age and inspiration.
Collect points
The points that you collect though your membership will take you on your life-changing journey. What would you like to see and experience next?
Unique experiences
Explore some of the most picturesque places on Earth, and also the path to who you are, all while joined by friends and family on the same journey.
By travelling the soul collects wisdom. Irina Valentino
Benefits travelling with us
Connection through experiencing the world together
The best value possible, at home and abroad
Support that turns unreachable destinations into arrivals
Lifestyle defined by joy, exploration & rich experiences
Exclusive perks, including unique trips and fine dining
Innovative thinking & commitment to quality
Something deep in the human heart breaks at the thought
of a life of mediocrity.
What our members say
I watched this presentation 17 times and in September 2011 I decided to start working & creating my team part time. After the "JOURNEY", a personal development training by the company, in the summer of 2012 I decided to continue building the business full time and quit from the company I was working for as a Graphic Designer. In the last 7 years I gained my financial and most important my time freedom and was able to travel more than 180 times around the world.
George S. Georgiou
We've been on so many Dream Trips, we have so many friends. It's another thing to go on a Dream Trip than to go on a normal trip. In Dream Trips we love that there are communities coming all over the world, we love the services, we love the kind of gifs we get, it's a completely different kind of travelling. I always liked to travel but never expected that in the work of few months I could accomplish more than I ever dreamed of. I realised what difference I make in people's lives and I dedicate my life helping people all around the world.
Razvan Dinca
It's a dream coming through. You live the lifestyle and your work the lifestyle. The company gives you the recipe that works that's why I am where I am today. And anyone can do it as well. I came from a totally ordinary family, my mum raised me alone, she worked for the government for an average salary and I had all the excuses in the world not to succeed. I was sad, I was lonely, I was miserable, I was suicidal at 22 years old, and people of the company brought me back to life. My team is my world and I am so grateful to them.
Melodie Rismann
I am originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, I live in London and I have the biggest international family and lifestyle I could ever imagine. Personal development of this company is the best. There is so much fun and joy in coming together and co-creating the best and most unforgettable experiences possible. My life is so much richer now. I have a purpose, I am fulfilled and ready for more. We are just getting started!
Nisa Chouhan
"Travel brings power and love back to your life" Rumi
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"We TRAVEL not to escape life. But for life not to escape us."
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