“Your life is your message. Create it wisely, with love” – Irina Valentino


Blessed and Grateful Beyond Measure

A few references for why I am passionate working with YOU

“I just want to say thank you for all your help when I was in a very dark place. Now I have no panic attacks, am sleeping well and generally feeling good about myself. I feel as my brain has got rid of a lot of baggage I was carrying about. I feel so good enjoying everything.”  Sue

“Everything is fantastic in my world we are expecting a little baby boy anytime. Work is going really well. I have grown in confidence in life and now thanks to you i am able to face up when i walk down the street. I will never never ever forget what you did for me, and you will always remain a part of my life i still use your methods of what i learnt from you. I hope one day maybe our paths will cross again you are such a warm person full of energy.” Jon

Thank you Irina for making my life a whole heap better!” Bee

“I really do thank you for all the encouragement and advice you have given me. You are brilliant. Feeling free of guilt, fear and negative beliefs has definitely cleared energy blocks and released the energy from all the worrying and anxieties I carried with me. It has lightened my mind, clearing space to think and create creative ideas. This has been such a relief.” Faye

“I was feeling unwanted. Guilty. No confidence. Worried. Depressed. I now feel happy. Relaxed and more confident that ever. I am feeling wanted and my opinion matters. People listen to me.” Phyllis

“Working with you Irina gave me freedom

So proud of this super intelligent young man! He wasn’t my typical client and it certainly wasn’t a quick fix but the results are magical. Today was his moment of reflection. He said, “when I first came I was empty, disconnected, given up, depressed, psychotic, heavily medicated, had loss of awareness, dissociation, OCD, couldn’t look at windows as I saw a reflection of myself and hated it to the point of fainting; mirrors were covered in the house. NOW I can see the funny side of everything. I am more comfortable. The improvement is massive. No medication. 9 times out of 10 I’m in a positive state feeling content and relaxed. I’m organised. I’m happy (at this point my eyes got a little wet), I have a great girlfriend.” “I am happy, that’s been reached. The improvement is massive,” he repeated

“How I was: unsettled, feeling nervous – bad thoughts couldn’t relax when it came to eating. Was unable to eat in restaurants. How I am now: completely relaxed, happy with my thoughts. Free to live normally and happy with my positivity. Excited about going to NY for holidays this week.”

“After every session I felt more in touch with who I am and more importantly, more at ease with who I am. The sessions were very fulfilling, each session has helped me gain in confidence. Huge thank you Irina for that.” Emma

Irina Valentino client's love

“Dear beautiful Irina, I hope you have had a good few days. I cannot thank you enough for all your support, understanding and encouragement, plus oodles of inspiration. It was the perfect time to find you, and I found you for a reason. I feel at peace and content within and now believe. I really do feel like a new person, full of vitalityI also thank you so much for your continued well wishes and encouragement. I will miss this, and working with such a wonderful soul. Your work is amazing. Sending so much love and gratitude and all my best wishes to you.”

“I had counselling for a year and nothing changed for me. I was anxious, felt closed and restricted. I couldn’t interact with people. It is amazing that now I am relaxed and receptive. I feel more willing to be open. It’s like the book that was closed, now it is open.” Steven

“In the beginning I was Fearful, Worried, Overwhelmed, Irritable, Panicked, Anxious, Lacked Enjoyment / Fulfilment. Today I am Positive, Calmer, Happier, Joyful, Enjoying the Moment, Loving Myself & my Friends / Family.”

“It was lovely reading all testimonials about you and I agree with everyone of them. You changed my life. I am very well and I’ve decided to stop drinking for a year, so far so good and I also haven’t smoked since I last saw you.” Jayne

This beautiful soul, who could not cope with her own negative thoughts, feelings & panic attacks anymore, does not speak much. But when she does it’s really special. That is why this message from her made my heart sing, “Hi I just wanted to say a big thank you for working with me over the past couple of weeks! I really appreciate all that you have done! So, THANK YOU!” Juliette

“I safely backed to my normal life and started my job. Thank you your support in term of master. I could not graduate without your mental support” Shaun

Blessed to the moon and back. 24 years old beautiful girl wrote: “Before, I felt very overwhelmed and was always seeing things and myself in pessimistic light, as well as easily panicking over things. Now I feel fantastic, so positive and optimistic about the future and I feel able to overcome things and achieve so many things I previously thought I would never be able to do, e.g. driving. I also feel a lot more calm and relaxed in myself.” Rebecca

“I just wanted to thank you in helping me to gain strength, positivity and get rid of the depression & anxiety i was feeling. I feel that since i have met you I am a lot brighter, more content, more confident & happier after having our sessions. They were all by skype & i feel this worked fine. Also at the start I was still very unwell & a bus trip into Norwich or Hoveton would have caused me to be more anxious so i really do thank you for being able to offer the skype facility. It took an extra worry away & I felt as if we were in the same room anyway.
I have finished my sessions with you for the time being & maybe i won’t need to come back to you but will keep you updated with my progress.
Just briefly to explain before i started seeing you i had tried to commit suicide 4 times & had been taken into Northgate mental health hospital for a weeks stay then a half way house for mentally ill patients for another week so i was a very poorly lady. I was empty scared depressed & very anxious of everything before our work together & I will be very thankful always for your help.

Your help literally saved my life. I was choked with a tear of honour when you told me i made you feel like life was worth living when we were saying good bye. Thank you from the bottom of my cleansed heart. I will be in touch & once again Thank you for all your kindness and amazing work you have done with me. Much Love xxx” Emma

This gentleman came to me when he was off work for several months due to stress and debilitating anxiety. There are only four people trained to do the job he was doing in the city. Although he loved the job he had fear that he could not trust himself to manage it. His mum is a healer but she has not been practising for years until we encouraged her to reconnect with the gift of healing. Today’s update from him, 
“Hello Irina, 
How are you? 
I hope you are well ( I know you will be  ) I thought I would drop an e-mail of a kind of update for you as you were a strong part of my road to recovery.
I am still at work and enjoying it. Mum has continued the remote healing and as said my energy is very strong once more and glowing.
So I am keeping my feet on the ground.” Jonathan

From feeling anxious about social situations and wellbeing of the loved ones to “I feel so light, so free, so able to have a future, so able to let my boys be free, so able to have my life again & enjoy it, today, tomorrow and in the future, the tears of yesterday have gone forever.” Jayne

“Thank you so much, having lived with anxiety for so long I didn’t know what it would feel like not to have it. Learning to just ‘be’ is amazing.” 

A very intelligent woman came to see me, she wanted professional help to deal with anger over the Brexit situation. Anger and frustration took over her life, effected sleep, wellbeing and most communications. At the end of the session she could see a bigger perspective and choices she can make from her heart. Interestingly enough she also managed to forgive her mother for excessive criticism that caused lots of anger in her teens. She made peace with the past so she can have a happier future. She left smiling and loving herself a little more, this will positively effect all areas of her life.
Before the referendum people used to say, I think. Now they say, I feel. What an amazing opportunity for AWAKENING the country has created for its people (and visa versa), let’s embrace it. After all we are here to grow, love and expand our consciousness.

Irina Valentino Hypnotherapy

“Hi Irina. I wanted to say, that after our last session, I feel good, I feel powerful …. I feel like something was un-locked inside at our meeting. With understanding that my opinion means a lot, and my love means a lot too, and my freedom to express just when I want. This freedom actually means more than positive or negative response! So, I’m embracing my opinion, and also letting myself feel angry when I like to. So I wanted to say thank-you, and let you know that I’m in a better place.” Andrew

Hi Irina

A lovely lady called Sue A came in today and asked me to let you know that since you helped her with depression she has been fine and is not depressed anymore.  She wants to say a very big thank you…

Kind regards,


Clinic Reception

“My life was locked in a prison cell, consumed with the fear of panic attacks that made me petrified of leaving my ‘comfort zone’ which was intact a prison. Now my life is so full, I can do anything, even run down stairs! I have so many things to do & explore, places to see, experience new. I have a life again at last & I’m free to enjoy it. Thank you xxx (from my heart that is full of love & joy) x Jayne

“I felt there is no hope. At the worst point I felt why would I want to live like this. After the first session with Irina I was amazed how relaxed I was and it went from strength to strength. From last week it turned a corner again and I’m happy, relaxed and at peace. Inner peace is what I wanted from when I came first.” Susan

Beautiful young lady lived through a recent suicide of a close family member. She developed anxiety and fear of being in the house on her own. Today was her second session, she is transformed. She wrote, “I feel a lot more in control of my feelings. I am confident and I am getting better each day. I see a happy future.”

Thinking about Steph who is on her way to the airport today for her 10 hour flight to Canada. Steph was at the Lowestoft airshow when RAF Harrier jet crashed into the sea in 2002 in front of thousands of people. She was a little girl at a time. A thought of going on a plane caused debilitating fear. Fear also effected other areas of her life, including general underlying anxiety and depression. I saw Steph for our final session on Friday. She wrote, “I feel safe and I am confident. I’m looking forward to my holiday!!”

This inspirational young man is now a head teacher. He emailed promptly, “I got the job!!!!” Steven

Another wonderful message from a junior doctor Sandy who couldn’t pass her GP exam and came for a few sessions before her last attempt, “Hi Irina, just to let you know – I passed my exam!!! Thanks so so so so so much for all your help!” I am so so so so so blessed.

“Although I was skeptical at first it soon became apparent how helpful the sessions were and the positive effect they had on me and my life. I am now happy and positive. People comment how great I look and how confident I’ve become.”

A young man was taking antidepressants but the helpless feeling was not going away, just numbness was there. He had the sessions with the desire “to be myself again, happy, positive, energetic, relaxed.” Today he wrote, “I can smile and be myself again!”

What a beautiful message from a gorgeous Goddess Ellen, “Hi Irina, I just wanted to let you know how my anxiety has been almost zero! I went to the Theatre Sat night and it only occurred to me on Sunday that I had no anxious thoughts at all. It was amazing! Also I’ve referred someone else to you, she will be in contact soon about her insomnia. Thank you so very much for helping me X” In awe with her divinity and forever grateful.

“I feel so much happier and confident. I can’t thank you enough, you are an amazing lady!”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for all your work with me. Today is Mother’s Day a day in previous years I have found very difficult but today I am feeling happy. I am thinking of my mum and remembering all the good times we had. Rather than thinking about the children I never had I am thinking of all the children in my life I have to love and cherish. All is good in my life and all is well. You really are magical. Love xxxxxx”

“I don’t know what the hypnosis done but I FEEL SO GOOD. I feel relaxed. I expected to be stressed but I don’t. Nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. People smoke around me and I don’t want to. I smoked for ever 50 years, since I was 12. 50-60 cigarettes a day in the last 25 years. I am amazed, very calming experience. I came to give up smoking and now I am feeling well, it might sound silly but the blood is flowing easier in my veins. Absolutely brilliant. People comment on how well I look. My 91 years old mother is proud of me.” 

Thank you card“Visiting Irina has changed my life! My lifetime battle with the love of cakes and trying to keep my shape was dragging me down. With Irina’s help I learned how to be kind to myself without dieting. She highlighted my strengths and I am now the master of my willpower and desires.” Elena

I was so privileged to see the change from ever stressful state of mind to being calm relaxed person, “Being an electric engineer I feel that I’ve being recharged. I’ve found peace and calmness that I couldn’t reach for in my highly demanding stressful life that I’ve had before coming to seek your help” Mel

“I came to see Irina with so much negative baggage & attitude towards people, poor self esteem and depression. After a couple of weeks treatment the universe has just been giving so much back to me in different ways, i.e. job promotion, great connections, respect from people. Thank you.” Bettina

Music to my ears, beauty to my eyes and a balm to my heart, “Before coming to see Irina I found it very difficult to see the point of tomorrow. I could see no future to look forward to, nothing held much interest to me. Now I feel that I am definitely moving in the right direction and already feel much happier. I don’t really see problems now that were there before. I now feel that I have a wonderful future ahead of me.” Jeff

It’s never too late to change your perspective on life. It’s never too late to learn how to feel good. This 65 years old lady is an inspiration. She came to improve relationships in her family. She changed and everyone around her got much happier, reflecting her new state of mind. She wrote: “I feel happy and relaxed without my mind dwelling on negative thoughts. I am more confident. Irina will help you release troubles in your mind and feel at ease, relaxed and happy.”  

“I was so down, anxious, frustrated and now I feel free, loveable, content, so happy and positive, and excited about my life. My husband and I think that you work with magic.” Angie

“When I first arrived I was experiencing quite severe abdominal symptoms, IBS, depression and mental stress. After 3 or 4 sessions the physical symptoms have virtually gone and my general mental state is greatly calmer and more relaxed.” John

“I felt anxious most of the time, especially when my daughter was away from me. My imagination would run wild with all kinds of awful things that might happen to her (based a younger sister’s passing away many years ago). Now I feel relaxed and able to trust that all is well with everything and is as it should be. I feel happy and blessed.” Debra

“In a very short time I went from feeling sad, hopeless, worthless, with IBS, OCD and with no confidence,  to how I am today. Now I can see what a special and unique person I am, that I will never let anyone else make my happiness for me, because I had it in myself all along, and Irina helped me to realise that, to change my life for the better and be so much happier!” Rachel

To Irina Valentino Thank You card

A bank manager came to see me. A wonderful man with an incredible combination of powerful energy, super intelligent mind and a very big heart. He was under enormous stress, struggling with anxiety and depression – not his normal state. He was on a sick leave, signed off work by his doctor as could not cope. He paid in advance for 5 sessions, decided to have two per week. When he came to see me the second time he was so much happier and relaxed, “like being myself again”, he commented with many thanks. Third session was his last one, he got well, really well. His energy returned, he was laughing & ready to conquer the world; he also said that his relationship with the loved one improved. For now he got back to work to manage his team in a new way, with new awareness. His remaining sessions he passed to a family member (“everyone would benefit from Irina’s magic”, he kindly noticed). It is such a privilege for me to be an observer of the shift happening, one soul at a time for now. Grateful.

“I was feeling unloved & isolated & scared. Now I want to go & live life to the full & do everything I enjoy.” Jill, after dealing with sexual abuse by her father, poor self-esteem and depression.

It’s a little like magic! I came to Irina hopelessly despondent and after the 1st session I felt like I could smile again. Frankly I felt a bit ridiculous like I needed to keep it to myself. I still can’t quite believe it. I just need to let go and enjoy the ride now…!” Steven

Living through “I love somebody else” is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when children are involved. Men and women in these circumstances seek to re-build their confidence and emotional wellbeing. I also get people though the door who have fallen in love outside their family and feel confused, torn apart, guilty. A very beautiful and intelligent lady, senior NHS leader, was on a sick leave with depression. It was a privilege for me working with her. She managed to forgive her husband and has now brought all her family to a happy place again. They deeply love each other and do many fun things together. This lady wrote: “When I came I was in turmoil, lost, very lacking confidence and unable to be rational. This situation made me feel powerless to make decisions. Now I have a sense of calm. I have re-gained my confidence and acceptance of what I’ve been through. I am whole, complete again. I feel I am worthwhile. I am strong. I am loving.”

“I really wanted to say thank you to you, I won’t forget the lessons you taught me. You really are a beacon for human love and kindness. Your warmth just radiates throughout, and it has brought a lot of hope, comfort and inspiration to me, to be the best in me too. There needs to be a lot more Irinas in the world. You touch the hearts of more people than you know. Keep shinning.”  Helen 

“When I first came I felt really low, I did not believe in myself, was not energetic. I had panic attacks, tightness in my chest, I often was breaking down in crying. I am now energetic, positive, happy, smiling. My laughter has come back and I get dad dancing again. The whole family is so much happier.” Michael 15 years old

“After spending time with Irina I feel she has given me a new perspective at looking at myself and I know what she has said will stay with me. I will always be able to think of her wise words with regard to our lives.”  Jane, had fear of death and anxiety


“… we have worked things out and are now living together again with the children as a family. We have been the busiest we have ever been at work. Since I first came to see you I feel I am getting my life under control and it’s all going great and achieving all my goals. I will try my best to come and see you at the seminar on the 18th as it would be great to see you again, even though you might not recognise me by then as I am a lot thinner and healthier ha ha. I FEEL THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN.” Adam

“The last time we met we tackled my eating issues, and i have to say and even on behalf of my nearest and dearest there has been a shift in my patterns… A huge Thank you for that…” William

“I feel absolutely great after seeing Irina! I feel like flying, my wings have been released and it feels now that there is nothing I can’t achieve. I know that I am blessed with love and I encourage all to see her if having any issues in your life that are holding you back. Please - JUST BE. Much love always. The world is your oyster & you are the pearl inside”  Jane  

Experience life in a way that is healthy and rewarding, passionate and meaningful
“Hi Irina I hope you are well. One thing to say: ‘You’re good!’ I’m not sure what you did the other day but I have never felt so positive, buoyant and overall optimistic about the future.You’re good!’ Matt, came to shift anger, frustration and an addiction                         “I felt sceptical at first as to whether the hypnosis would ‘work’ on me because I’m very analytical and logical, but was pleasantly surprised to find I felt very willing to be in that state once we’d started. I felt incredibly relaxed and enjoyed ‘the journey’. This feeling of relaxation stayed with me afterwards too.”  Jordan 

“Hi Irina, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and getting me started on my journey. It feels like I am a sponge, soaking up so much information and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I can’t help but wonder how magical it must be to feel happy in myself, with or without a partner. I have so much to learn and explore about spirituality and finding out about myself, the real, true me inside, the truth about who I really am. You have inspired me so much, thank you” Jeff

“I found the session with Irina very relaxing and enjoyable. She has a soothing voice and is very perceptive and wise. Irina is well trained and experienced – I would trust her with my problems.”  Sandra Ballester, Therapist

Irina Valentino

“Seeing Irina has enabled me to develop a love for myself, progressing to like myself more and find myself attractive. Using techniques learned I have been able to reduce instances of binge eating and generally feel better. Working together I have been able to leave every session feeling really good and to take those feelings with me throughout the week.” – Ruth, had depression and a few different dependencies trying to cover up her inner discomfort.

“Working with Irina allowed me to take a step back from my life and think differently, to really appreciate all the good things I already have. I am exited. I am stronger and happier. I feel at ease and ready to enjoy my future with my husband, family and friends, and truly achieve in whatever I choose to do.” – Vicky, had enormous stress and could not able to deal with pressure from work and relationships

“I have started to really appreciate life more by recognising how I feel in different situations. Irina has shown me various techniques to assist me when I start to feel anxious and these techniques are definitely starting to have a positive effect on how I am living my life.”  Sarah 

It’s never too late to change your perspective on life. It’s never too late to learn how to feel good. This 66 years old lady is an inspirationIrinaValentinoHypnosis. She came to improve relationships in her family. She changed and everyone around her got much happier, reflecting her new state of mind

A gorgeous girl that came to see me for a few sessions wrote: “In the beginning I was Fearful, Worried, Overwhelmed, Irritable, Panicked, Anxious, Lacked Enjoyment / Fulfilment. Today I am Positive, Calmer, Happier, Joyful, Enjoying the Moment, Loving Myself & my Friends / Family.”

A young man was taking antidepressants but the helpless feeling was not going away, just numbness was there. He came for the sessions with the desire “to be myself again, happy, positive, energetic, relaxed.” Today he wrote, “I can smile and consistently be myself again!”

Beautiful young lady lived through a recent suicide of a close family member. She developed anxiety and fear of being in the house on her own. Today was her second session, she is transformed. She wrote, “I feel a lot more in control of my feelings. I am confident and I am getting better each day. I see a happy future.”

A man was very honest today at his first session when he said, “My biggest fear is losing my depression as it has been a huge part of me for many years (he has been on antidepressants for 6 years and still on his knees with depression!). It is my safe place to go.” “So how much do you want to let it go?” I asked, “on the scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest.” “9” he answered. Then we made it 9 and a half and 10. By the end of the session he wanted to have a genuine smile, feel happy and have passion for life. We dealt with his mother abandoning him at the age of 4, forgiving her, himself and all his broken relationships. He was leaving with the hugest smile, giggling and repeating, “I can’t believe, it’s magic, I am walking on air”. Now was my turn to have a good laugh with him. We have some more work to do but today the world is already a happier place. His two little kids will know it straight away!

“I am a professional and also aware that there are aspects of my life i wish to improve on. In particular, I came to NLP with Irina to look at negative thinking patters; improving my confidence and forgiveness of self and others. In the past I have done traditional counselling and Cognitive Behavioural therapy to improve negative thinking patterns. To an extent these have helped. Yet the NLP techniques Irina has used with me, take a different approach. Irina allowed me to tap into the strength I already have. For example, through visualisation, I have been able to recall times when I was really confident and apply that to situations in the present. When Irina suggested an appointment via the telephone/skype I was a bit sceptical. Yet I was able to do a forgiveness exercise no problem this way. The appointments with Irina have had a powerful effect on me allowing me to tap into my own reserves to create new responses to situations in my every day life.”  Kath


“Just a quick message Irina to say thank you. I’ve been reevaluating lots of things in my life over the past few months and one thing that stands out for me is a strong desire to experience happiness every waking day… I simply don’t want happiness to be a delayed pleasure or luxury.  Being ‘in the moment’ is something I’ve also learned to enjoy. Thanks, as always, for your help and also for your little reminders… have a wonderful day and be good to yourself.”  

“Irina, I just want you to know that you make a big positive difference to my life.” David 

“I can only thank the universe and marvel at it’s intricate workings for bringing such a beautiful soul as yourself into my experience.  Thank you! For one to appreciate the creative flow that we all have going through our lives, and something that we are totally surrounded by in each and every day, and how it makes our heart sing in harmony with the higher realms when something such as our meeting happens to us.  Truly wonderful!  Have fun & feel the Love.” –  Ian 

“I’m seeing a difference in Alfie every week. His confidence is growing and I believe that’s down to you giving him the tools to unleash his inner confidence. I have a very happy little boy xxx” Natalie

The most precious testimonial was from a 13 years old gorgeous girl who did lots of self-harming and tried to take her life away just the day before our meeting. “hey, thank you for today I feel a lot better already xxx” This simple message means so much to me.

A lady came to see me for her second session. When I saw her first time she looked like a little scared animal hiding in a corner. In the intake questionnaire among other problems she ticked depression, nervousness, lack of energy, poor self-esteem, sleeplessness, sexual dysfunction, abusive work issue, etc.  “How are you Jo?”- I asked her, noticing the big smile and sparkles in her beautiful blue eyes. “I AM AMAZING!” – She cheerfully reported. “Pardon?” “I AM AMAZING!” “Tell me more.” – I was curious. “I walked in on my knees and walked out ten feet tall. The change was instant. The first time I have cooked in months. I was able to do chores that have caused me anxiety for months. I have felt lighter; everyone who knows me has said the ‘old Jo is back’.My doctor couldn’t believe the difference after only one session. My partner says Irina is worth her weight in gold; he has never seen me this happy and relaxed in years. First time I look forward to Christmas in many years. I have excitement in my stomach not anxiety there, it’s brilliant. YOU NEED TO SEE IRINA, she will change your life.” Jo

“Before it was difficult to be happy, now I smile so much more. Now I notice and am thankful for the good things in life. Before I was very focused on the bad things that happened and now hard things were for me. Now I can see how far I have come and how much better things are. I used to get much more irritated with people I care about – now I enjoy my time with them + appreciate them.” – Tania, health issues: post op, fatigue. As a result of a few sessions of hypnohealing got back to work full time to a top management role in a large company and is enjoying it!

A few things that people said about seminars and workshops: 

Irina Valentino thank you

Irina Valentino speakingHello Irina,

Hoping this email finds you well.

On behalf of the Norfolk Group of Reflexologists we wanted to thank you once again for your time and the very informative afternoon last Saturday, the feedback from our members has been amazing.

With all good wishes for the future,

Kind regards,

Kim Easton

Truly inspirational! Manifesting what we want to achieve from thought, feeling, action, habit, character and destiny is an excellent tool. I really enjoyed Irina’s energy and enthusiasm.”  Robin Crawley 

“I came here today to help myself to feel like ‘me’ again. I have been feeling depressed for a while and Irina has been brilliant in teaching me techniques to think differently and helping me have confidence in myself. Thank you.” Becky Bateman 

“This seminar reinforced my belief that we create our own reality with our thoughts & emotions created by our beliefs. The only limitations we have are those which we place on ourselves.”  

“Irina’s seminar is uplifting and inspiring in many ways. I can’t help feeling there’s a book in this… One day I believe she will write and publish something to inspire others.” – Tony Grey 

“I came looking for help with overcoming anxiety/depression and found the seminar as a good introduction to it. The idea is to live in the moment, control the moment you are in.”  Helen Speedley 

“Came looking to inner peace. Found some ways to it.” 

“Irina is very inspirational with her energy and positive outlook. She has a unique and impressive way of explaining everything.” 

“I really enjoyed the seminar, Irina is very enthusiastic and she projects this positive energy. She is what I would call ‘Lit from inside.”  Helen Adams 

“Meeting with Irina again has really helped to re-iterate all the parts we have previously focused. I feel reconnected again.” 

“For me it was being with others, learning and knowing I’m on the right course. I know this is the way and I feel it is important and helpful to be among like-minded people, which isn’t something I have in my own life…yet.”  Jane 

“Today has helped me to focus on keep looking forward & not look back. Live for the moment and don’t worry about what has not happened.” 

“Thank you very much for the seminar. I have to say that I found it both inspirational and reassuring. I know that we all have the ability to achieve our full potential and are capable of so much more than we may believe. Your words of wisdom have been a great encouragement to me and I hope that along with a few sessions with you I will move forward in a positive direction, sure footed and without procrastination as old thought patterns fall away.” Terri Carter 

“The seminar helps you to think more positively. It helped me to realise how my thinking can affect everything else I do. Most importantly it emphasised the fact that everyone has the power within them to change.” Christine Deeley 

“Thank you! I found it very helpful and developing! It was eyes opening! I am so happy I was given a chance to attend this workshop. Irina, you are very professional, knowledgeable with excellent manners. I feel uplifted and motivated. Thank you!!!”  Anita 

“I enjoyed the workshop and look forward to attend more like it. Thank you.” Kate  

“I’ve enjoyed so much our meeting. I’ve been interested to know more about giving love and how to receive it. Thank you.”  Erika  

“It was a very helpful and enjoyable seminar. Information given is very useful.”  Amina  

“I enjoyed keeping my daughters happy. It will help them further in life for any problems they may have.” Karina  

“I leant that my own energy can help other people; now is the best time to make a change; positive thinking is very important to improve everything” Kinga

I feel much better, I am thinking positive. I love people who think positive, not negative, they always make me happy. I like to be with people and help them to see what is good at the moment. Thank you for giving love! I like you, I you.” Agata  

“Your lecture encouraged positivity and happiness in us all. You have made me think about circumstances differently and love today.” Emma E  

“Amazing. Very emotional + positive. Hugely changing.” Gill   

“I just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for your wonderful and empowering workshop that you delivered on Thursday! The ladies have felt amazingly happy, relieved and empowered after your session! I can really see that your session started to open something in them and has been a start to them discovering why they suffer and to get rid of it. You’re amazing!” – Martyna, Women Support Group

“It was great to see how well supported the seminar was. It just goes to show how many lives you are ‘touching’ with your expertise and kindness.” Sarah 

In Russian:

“Ты знаешь, я ж тебе тогда после нашей сессии не написала – там много всего случилось.. но – на самом деле страх жизни одной прошёл – а с ним и страшные головные боли по выходным! Так что ты опять совершила чудо!” Ольга
“Переживаю непростой период в моей жизни и на помощь пришла моя близкая подруга, представив меня Ирине. Я очень благодарна нашей встрече с Ириной. Ирина – волшебница, с такой лекгостью придала мне уверенность и веру в себя. Буквально несколькими словами Ирина дает возможность взглянуть на ситуацию под другим углом, от чего становится легче и теплее на душе.
Может показаться, что ничего не происходит… никаких изменений во время беседы с Ириной, но попращавшись с Ириной до следующей встрече – ты понимаешь насколько ты становишься сильнее, все вокруг тебя становится гармоничнее и светлее… и ты в гармонии с этим Миром… к тебе приходит умиротворение и наслаждение.
Ты начинаешь снова замечать такие маленькие и приятные мелочи жизни – пение птиц… шелест осенних листьев под ногами на прогулке в парке… шум вечернего дождя.
Ты начинаешь получать то, о чем долго мечтал!
Ирина, спасибо за этот прекрасный лучик света и тепла. Спасибо, что Вы есть и освещаете наш путь!” Маша

Life is supposed to feel good to you. You are meant to live your dreams!

Experience life in a way that is healthy and rewarding, passionate and meaningful
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