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Now YOU Can Be In ControlNatural Essential oils are the greatest solution to help you feel more energetic, productive and alive.

There are many essential oils and numerous ways to use them to boost your energy levels, to give your brain, your body and your skin vital components, shake off winter tiredness, revitalise and  rejuvenate. What are the best most effective natural products to use?

Experience doTerra

When:           Sunday the 15th February 2015    1-2.30pm

Where:         The Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich, NR2 1SF

Join us for a FREE class on essential oils and remind yourself about the most natural and powerful way to support yourself and your family to be energetic, healthy, and happy.

Come to The Norwich Wellbeing Centre to hear, taste, smell & experience:

  • how to use essential oils as an energy booster
  • clean your system and give your metabolism a well deserved boost
  • yummi healthy green shakes 
  • minerals and vitamins your body needs this time of the year most skin care based on essential oils – look young
  • spring clean your house with natural products
  • create amazing aroma everywhere where you are

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Nov 052014
Wellness with natural essential oils

Wellness with natural essential oils

With the cold snaps just around the conner you might be wondering how to help your immune system to keep your body healthy.

Experience doTerra

Join us for a FREE class on essential oils and learn about the most natural and powerful way to support yourself and your family to be healthy and happy.

When:           Saturday the 15th November 2014    2-3.30pm

Where:         The Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich, NR2 1SF

Special guest speaker: Roger Duce

Come to share the joy and learn about making the switch to a natural way of caring for yourself and your loved ones. Topics will include but not limited to:

  • Highest quality natural medicine
  • Emotional and Physical Healing
  • Alkalising body, detoxifying liver
  • Boost energy
  • Immune support
  • Maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Ideas for exciting Christmas presents
  • Green Cleaning

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Have got a question? Email irina@irinavalentino.com 

More info about doTerra essential oils here

Natural Healing

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Oct 182014
DoTerra Essential Oils

DoTerra Essential Oils

I highly recommend the use of doTerra therapeutic essential oils to complement the HypnoHealing sessions.

Essential oils are a vibrational medicine, they resonate at the highest frequencies well above the human body itself and even above the human brain. When we utilise the essential oils the higher vibration fills us up, our body, our cells and our energy.

Essential oils accelerate the healing, it could happen 2-3 quicker. The reason is that the body is supported on the physical and on the energy level, helping the body to release the resistance and to heal.

On the physical level highest quality doTerra essential oils are the most finest healers. They are powerful tool for physical and emotional healing.

Here are some specific properties of doTerra essential oils. They are the purest and the best quality existing therapeutic oils. It is really amazing what nature does and what nature provides for us.


  • helps release grief, anger
  • related to self-worth
  • diffuse or apply on heart centre

Cilantro — “The Oil of Loyalty & Release”

Similar to Coriander essential oil, Cilantro oil invites us to live true to ourselves. Cilantro has powerful emotional-cleansing properties, which assist us in the process of “releasing.” It also assists us in shedding whatever is not in harmony with the True Self. By releasing what is incongruent, Cilantro encourages us to listen and follow our inner guidance.

Clove – “The Oil of Boundaries” 

Clove is especially helpful in breaking free of patterns of abuse by restoring the victim’s sense of self and helping them regain the strength to stand up for their needs.  Clove insists that we live true to ourselves and the Divine by establishing clear boundaries.


- supports those who are stuck or stagnant in life, helps release low frequencies energies

- helps emotions to flow again

- helps to release the throat chakra and give voice to expression of emotions

  • place on the kidneys (which is responsible for the flow of water in the body, water symbolising emotions and helping our emotions to flow again)
  • put  it on the bottoms of feet, apply to chest, back or inhale 4-5 times a day
  • biblically used to protect from negative energies


Every oil heals on emotional level and Geranium oil is a very powerful emotional healer. It has powerful resonance with the heart. Geranium called poor man’s rose. When you smell geranium you might notice the similarities (not!) but these oils have similar properties. It is incredible for infants, for children as it is so powerful on a heart, healing and nurturing the heart. It is the very finest oil for future mothers preparing to giving birth and receiving the baby with the open heart, to be open, to be whole. It is a great oil for inner work, inner healing.

-  “emotional healer”

- has powerful resonance with the heart

- good for infants and children

- good for preparing a mother for childbrith

- good for individuals whose heart has been injured

- good for inner child work / regression work

- place on the heart


- supports the body

- helps to reduce food cravings, balances appetite

- helps us to listen to the subtle messages of our body and to honour our body


Lavender calms fears. It calms hypertension, hyperactivity, it is relaxing. It specifically opens the throat and gives courage and strength to the individual to voice his/her feelings. It is a great oil that supports us in re-gaining our voice and speaking what we need to.

-lavender calms fears and helps to open the throat chakra

- provides courage and strength

- helps us to speak our truth

- place on the throat for finding the voice and on the back of the neck for becoming more flexible and improving relationships


Lemon is an oil for the brain. It is actually for the left brain, for our analytical brain. That’s the part of us that loves to organise and put is all together. Lemon activates the left brain, helps us to focus and to lemonlearn. It is a great oil for children who are having a difficult time concentrating at school and other difficulties at learning. Lemon helps us to increase memory. The left brain is connected with our identity, our ego. On the physical level lemon is great for the stomach, for the liver, digestion, it is alkalising. When through trauma self-worth, self-identity has been damaged lemon oil can come in and support that. It can help to re-build self-image.

- helps to support the left brain – the analytical one

- helps to define identity

- good for concentration

- improves focus & learning

- place it on the right side of the body

- good for digestion and liver

- the best for alkalising


Lemongrass is a liver cleansing oil. It helps to let go of anger.

  • good for individuals who are angry
  • place over liver (the centre for anger)


  • supports the heart; cleanses issues with the heart; helps with grief
  • provides with zest for life  -  place it on the heart centre


- good for those who are aloof and closed off in the heart centre and from life

- helps to connect more deeply with life


Murrh oil is all about connection with the earth, with the mothering energy.

- connection with the earth and our birth mother.

- good oil to place on infants feet soon after they are born.

Thyme – “The Oil of Releasing & Forgiving”

Thyme empties the heart of negativity by cleansing feelings of anger and resentment. It increases our tolerance and patience for others. Thyme restores the wounded heart to its natural state of love and forgiveness.

wild-orangeWild Orange 

Wild orange oil is for the right brain, for creative thoughts, spontaneity, it helps us to connect with our inner child. To be optimistic and hopeful. It is an oil of abundance. That abundance that you felt when you were 3 or 4 years old when you thought, life was easy, life was good.

- “oil of abundance” – supports the right brain (the creative brain); activates creativity     –   place it on the left side of the body.

Wonderful Blends:

ImmortelleImmortelle Anti-Aging Blend

  • has rare highest vibrational oils on the planet in one blend
  • provides health and vitality to the skin at the cellular level
  • promotes healthy cellular function
  • revitalising, youthful-looking skin
  • reduce inflammation
  • smoother, more radiant, healthier skin


On Guard Blend – “The Oil of Protection”

On Guard is a protective blend. It protects against harmful negative energies onguardand influences. This blends protective qualities extend beyond the physical level by aiding us in warding off unhealthy connections such as: co-dependency, parasitic relationships, people who are trying to suck our energy or negative “group thought.” It supports our immune system. Immune system is our energetic defence. Physical and emotional levels are absolutely connected. Mind, body, spirit are parts of one.


- helps to ward off pests (not just insect pests), but also individuals who are “pests”

- it’s a protective blend and would be good for sensitive / empathetic children who find it difficult to be in public places because they absorb everything around them (On Guard is another protective blend that would be good for this purpose)

Zendocrine Blend – “The Oil of Transition”

Zendocrine assists us in letting go of patterns or issues that no longer serve us. It is incredibly helpful when we want to make a serious change in lifestyle or break a bad habit.

Here are some more examples from a book “Emotional Healing with Essential Oils” by Daniel Macdonald:


• BALANCE – apply to balance energy field; apply this to the jaws, helps to allow them to release. Apply on the bottom of the feet for the whole body balance

why740x200• CITRUS BLISS – grief, loss -  rub around navel and inhale with alternate nostril breathing

• ELEVATION – after Serenity for anxiety same location, bringing in white light and unconditional love to help replace the removed emotion, bring a joyous state of being, inhale

• FRANKINCENSE – sedative quality allowing client to relax and release, helps to let go of painful memories, elevates meditation allowing divine connection, apply to pineal gland – center of forehead

• PURIFY – helps protect against misqualified energies sent towards you, psychic attack, negative vibes, etc… Apply this to the base of the neck and the sacrum – entry points for misqualified energies, use in diffuser at home to move negative energies out of home, office, etc….

• SANDALWOOD – elevates meditation allowing divine connections

• SERENITY – calming, release, anxiety, nervous tension – apply to solar plexus (above navel area 2 – 3 inches)

• WHITE FIR – helps to ground and allow to release issues, apply where intuitively directed sometimes the wrists, chest or feet

• YLANG YLANG – helps heal heart/relationship emotions, apply to heart center

Three easy ways to order the oils:

Order Essential Oils

1. Retail price here. (Please don’t pay retail price unless you are purchasing 1 or 2 oils for less than £50).

2. Preferred member – Save 25% on the retail price for a one-time £10 sign up fee (pays for itself if you purchase £50 or more in product) here.

3. Wholesale member / Wellness Advocate – Save 25% on the retail price for a £20 membership fee (pays for itself if you purchase £130 or more in product) here.

If you were wondering what essential oil(s) may be useful for a given ailment, a good place to start is at the Everything about Essential Oils website, which has a comprehensive list of ailments and information about recommendations for essential oils.

If you have any questions, send an email to Irina Valentino  irina@irinavalentino.com .

If you would like to place an order also send me an email. I’d love to support you in every way that I can.

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