May 082016

Just reading news, statistics on depression could be disheartening. Media primary focuses on how terrible things are – “Pill-popping Britain: UK takes more anti-depressants than almost all of Europe” (Daily Mail 21 November 2013). “Someone Googles ‘Depression’ Every Two Seconds In The UK” (Huffington Post 19 January 2015).

The good news about depression – you are not alone.

Even better news – there is a way to re-program our minds, therefore emotions, consequently behaviour , thus habits and results.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a remarkably powerful process to re-align the conscious mind with naturally positive thought patterns. Hypnosis boosts the lower frequency brain waves associated with sleeping and dreaming and drops the higher frequency waves associated with full wakefulness. It prompts the conscious mind to back off and the subconscious mind to take a more active role.

1. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind to clean up the mess:

Without questioning we trust our subconscious mind to beat our hearts, to circulate blood and deliver oxygen to our cells. We don’t consciously control processes happening in our bodies. Wellbeing is our natural state. When the conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious mind cleans up the created dis-order. It allows the conscious mind to function the natural way, attracting thoughts of ease and happiness.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you

as much as your own unguarded thoughts” Buddha

2. Hypnosis helps to identify the reason behind depression

Most people have what Dr. Fritz Perls called “unfinished business” with their losses, be it a loved one, a job, or a home. These unresolved feelings, such as fear, guilt, regret, resentment, blame, anger, jealousy are energetically stored in the body and must be released in order to move forward. They otherwise become deeply buried beneath the numbness created by the anti-depressants and addictions. Clinical hypnotherapy removes the underlying cause of depression and creates peace with the past, that otherwise continues to recycle as self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

3. Hypnosis helps to release stored negative emotions

With hypnotherapy, we can go down to the deepest level of the most traumatic experiences, memories and stored emotions to release them from the energetic field. Through hypnosis new neurological connections are created in the mind to allow people to see situations in a more positive way. When this process is completed, people feel that their depression has lifted, they let go of compulsive thoughts or behaviours that no longer serve them.

4. Hypnosis helps to replace trauma with empowerment

With each healing session of clinical hypnotherapy, the old haunting thought patterns will be replaced by an easier and more beneficial way of thinking. Positive suggestions and affirmations are now working due to the underlying triggers being released.

5. Hypnotic suggestions create long term wellbeing

Improved thoughts and emotions create positive effect on the physical body. By freeing yourself from depression you grant yourself the access to unlimited joy, peace, wellness and abundance. The better it gets, the better it gets. The physical body will benefit and soon reflect the newly gained inspired way of being. Inspired = in spirit = reconnected with the universal energy that flows through everything that is. Chronic pain and headaches often disappear, sleep and eating habits improve, happiness, appreciation and friskiness for life become the natural way of Being.

Irina Valentino Hypnotherapy

By Irina Valentino,  

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Tel. 07877141692


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama


“There have been several life changes over the past few weeks. I am feeling a great deal more relaxed. My motivation has vastly improved to how I was a month or so ago. I am feeling very much more sociable and outgoing. I am now very positive – if almost seems as though I was a completely different person with negative thoughts & not enjoying life at all.” – Gina, was off work for over 8 months with depression before she discovered hypnotherapy.

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Jun 272015

People keep asking me about the next seminar. I am happy to announce two seminars or rather practical workshops for you to choose from at the magnificent Virgin Money Lounge in the Norwich city centre. You may want to attend both of these seminars to feel totally inspired and re-connected with the positive side of YOU.

31 July 2015 from 10.30am until 12noon

LIGHTEN UP & SHINE – Letting Go of Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Depression

Is it possible to improve your mental state?

Come to the seminar to learn and experience how to:

- Move up your emotional scale and find a better feeling place

- Reset your mind and mood continuously

- Relax into your natural state of wellness

- Connect with the very essence of who you are that is love

- Add positivity and improve your attitude to yourself and others

Lighten UP and Shine

Contribution is £10 per person. All proceeds go to Charity Star Throwers.
It is a local charity in Wymondham that gives unmeasurable support to people, effected by cancer

Register on 01603 610538 Email  

Feel free to drop in to the Virgin Money Lounge at 10 Castle Street, Norwich, NR2 1PD

Second seminar on the same day:

31 July 2015 from 2pm until 3.30pm

FEEL GOOD & HEAL YOUR EMOTIONS of Fear, Sadness, Insecurity, Frustration

Is it possible to change the way you feel and enjoy life more than ever before?

Learn and experience how to:

- Tap into the depth of who you naturally are

- Enhance your emotional intelligence and charisma

- Change the story, shake off old unhelpful thoughts and feelings

- Create new neurological pathways to feel good the easy way

- Appreciate yourself (and others) unconditionally all the time … well most of the time … more and more each day

Feel Good and Heal Your EmotionsContribution is £10 per person. All proceeds go to Charity Star Throwers.
It is a local charity in Wymondham that gives unmeasurable support to people, effected by cancer

Register on 01603 610538 Email  

Feel free to drop in to the Virgin Money Lounge at 10 Castle Street, Norwich, NR2 1PD

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Jan 142014

Irina Valentino Hypnotherapy & NLP in Norwich Tel. 01603 665173

When my clients come to see me they are not in a good space: they dislike (even hate) themselves, they feel unworthy, powerless, depressed, anxious or hugely frustrated. They can describe in little detail what’s going wrong and always struggle to see good things in their lives.

Today after a session I gave homework to do to a young man; he has just remembered how good he could feel about himself and about his life. I asked him to practice smiling to people. This exercise is way out of his comfort zone, he hasn’t looked into people’s eyes for 15 years – over half of his life.

Feeling good, experiencing emotions of joy, love, appreciation is our natural state of wellbeing. It’s easy, it is our birthright. Fear, despair, guilt require effort & resistance, they are trained states of the mind. Therefore, these low vibrational energy states can be changed on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Please help me to help this wonderful young man and others by simply smiling more!

You never know you might make somebody’s day or change someone’s life.

By Irina Valentino, Hypnohealing & Life Transforming Solutions

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Nov 222013

There is a Better Way to Deal with Depression than Taking Hips of Anti-Depressants

Photo Dorothea Lange

My hair moves when I read statistics on depression and the amount of andi-depressants prescribed in the UK.

This article is a response to Pill-popping Britain: UK takes more anti-depressants than almost all of Europe (Daily Mail 21 November 2013)

  “Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.” – Dalai Lama

In only 3-5 sessions my clients go from powerlessness, fear, depression, despair, anxiety to confidence, joy, appreciation, happiness, enthusiasm – the natural human state, where there is no resistance, just the alignment with the core of who they truly are. More than that, the change happens after the first/second session and then we reinforce the new state, making the new neuro-logical connections in the brain habitual.

Some people take unti-depressions for years and they still don’t have the positive answer to the simple question, “Are you getting the result you were looking for when you first started?”

Take a deep breath now in and out – life is supposed to feel good to you. You deserve to feel happy about yourself and about your life, otherwise at the end of your journey you might be dissapointed with the answer to your own question, “What if I could do better than that?” Book your appointment and watch your life change.

“It’s a little like magic! I came to Irina hopelessly despondent and after the 1st session I felt like I could smile again. Frankly I felt a bit ridiculous like I needed to keep it to myself. I still can’t quite believe it…” – Steven G, teacher

Read more testimonials here.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy – Dalai Lama

Contact Complementary Health Care Clinic on

01603 516673 or

By Irina Valentino, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Nov 062013

Banish the winter blues

As featured in Your Healthy Living Magazine, November 2013 issue

Your Experts – Mind Matters

Certain therapies such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Field Therapy may also help to combat the winter blues by changing your thought patterns from a negative to a more positive state. Irina Valentino, a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner ( treats many clients for depression and winter blues.

She suggests the “Feel Good for No Reason” self-technique. She says: “Close your eyes and think of something that makes you feel really good. Then double the good feeling and make it bigger.

Multiply your feeling to spread out into each cell of your body. Give it a colour and radiate it around the room. Repeat the exercise three times a day until you feel good about yourself and about your life most of the time.”

You can read the full article in Your Healthy Living Magazine

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.

Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.” -  

                                                                                    Mary Jean Irion


November 2013 issue Your Healthy Living magazine

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Jun 112013

Recently, I had a pain in my knees. It was a chronic, not an acute pain, so it didn’t disturb me too much. Except for this nagging thought, “will an operation be inevitable in the future?”

A good friend of mine Jane Aldiss is the Best Yoga Teacher on planet Earth. I mentioned to her, “It’s not like I am struggling. I just sometimes wake up at night, being conscious of my knees. The biggest disappointment to me is that wearing high heels has no appeal. I think it’s my flat feet that cause this trouble.”
A few days later, Jane invited me to put my sexy yoga outfit on. I was gently and assertively taught how to stretch the muscles, position my feet and even how to walk differently to shift the physical problem that I’ve created in the last years.That was six months ago. The pain left a few days after the session. What surprises me most is that when taking my first steps each morning, I still remember the feet positions Jane advised on. Jane gets the same results for clients with bad backs. I am an eye witness to that. Simply a genius approach!

When my clients stroll into my therapy room and sit down in the hypnotherapy chair, they normally breathe shallow, with the weight of the whole world crushing their head. Evidence of depression, anxiety, fears, IBS, sleeping and eating disorders are exposed in their 1st session. Clients often cry as they narrate their bio. It’s almost impossible to see the solution with the same mind and awareness that creates our problems. We all need a hand from time to get unknotted and liberate ourselves.
Like Jane attends to my physical body, I show my clients a different way of positioning their attention: thinking is focused; imagination is stretched; energy vibrations are raised to new heights; new habits are created. The result: personal success translating to a colourful future.
As was the case with my knees- no medication, no operation required.

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.” – Anthony Robbins

After a few sessions people uncover and put to use the most powerful resources they already possess: courage, faith, determination, passion and drive. Clients go on to celebrate life at the deepest level.
They don’t really change the core of who they are; in so much as they become MORE of who they are. Once clients have expanded their thinking they are permanently liberated. The impossible becomes everyday life. It starts with stretching and shifting your focus.

By Irina Valentino, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Book your free half an hour consultation with Irina Valentino at Complementary Health Care Clinic in Norwich or over the phone/skype

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