Jun 272015

People keep asking me about the next seminar. I am happy to announce two seminars or rather practical workshops for you to choose from at the magnificent Virgin Money Lounge in the Norwich city centre. You may want to attend both of these seminars to feel totally inspired and re-connected with the positive side of YOU.

31 July 2015 from 10.30am until 12noon

LIGHTEN UP & SHINE – Letting Go of Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Depression

Is it possible to improve your mental state?

Come to the seminar to learn and experience how to:

- Move up your emotional scale and find a better feeling place

- Reset your mind and mood continuously

- Relax into your natural state of wellness

- Connect with the very essence of who you are that is love

- Add positivity and improve your attitude to yourself and others

Lighten UP and Shine

Contribution is £10 per person. All proceeds go to Charity Star Throwers.
It is a local charity in Wymondham that gives unmeasurable support to people, effected by cancer

Register on 01603 610538 Email matt.tansley@virginmoney.com  

Feel free to drop in to the Virgin Money Lounge at 10 Castle Street, Norwich, NR2 1PD

Second seminar on the same day:

31 July 2015 from 2pm until 3.30pm

FEEL GOOD & HEAL YOUR EMOTIONS of Fear, Sadness, Insecurity, Frustration

Is it possible to change the way you feel and enjoy life more than ever before?

Learn and experience how to:

- Tap into the depth of who you naturally are

- Enhance your emotional intelligence and charisma

- Change the story, shake off old unhelpful thoughts and feelings

- Create new neurological pathways to feel good the easy way

- Appreciate yourself (and others) unconditionally all the time … well most of the time … more and more each day

Feel Good and Heal Your EmotionsContribution is £10 per person. All proceeds go to Charity Star Throwers.
It is a local charity in Wymondham that gives unmeasurable support to people, effected by cancer

Register on 01603 610538 Email matt.tansley@virginmoney.com  

Feel free to drop in to the Virgin Money Lounge at 10 Castle Street, Norwich, NR2 1PD

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Aug 222014

Is it even possible to enjoy your life,

be healthy and fit,

experience peace, loving relationships

and nourish yourself on a daily basis?

Discover for yourself

on Saturday 18th October 11am – 1pm

Lighten Up & Shine

Letting Go of Stress & Fear

through the Power of Your Mind and Your Heart,

and Essential Oils


Are you ready to fall in love

with yourself and your life?

It isn’t merely possible – it is the easiest thing you could do by simply being who you truly are

 Address: Complementary Health Care Clinic

34 Exchange Street Norwich NR2 1AX

Dreading winter blues? The seminar will be focused on overcoming stress & fear. Dealing with the following unwanted emotions will also be covered: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, panic, anger.

“Life begins where fear ends.” – Osho

You will have an opportunity to learn about, smell and try the highest quality doTerra natural essential oils to help yourself to create the desired shift faster.

Some oils are anti-spasmodic and help relieve migraine headaches and mental fatigue. Others reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis, release liver toxins, clean the gall bladder, clear up acne and stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, while even others work to improve nerve impulses and synaptic connections, and heal burns, cuts and infected wounds. Some oils reverse insomnia, depression and anxiety, lower cholesterol, work on weight balance, stimulate the immune functions and destroy microbes among many other important functions.

Have a question? Speak to our reception on 01603 665173

or email reception@holistic-care.com

Need to contact Irina Valentino directly? Email irina@irinavalentino.com

Be kind to yourself and secure your place now 

Join Facebook the seminar page for regular updates here.

A few comments from previous seminars and workshops:

“Truly inspirational! Manifesting what we want to achieve from thought, feeling, action, habit, character and destiny is an excellent tool. I really enjoyed Irina’s energy and enthusiasm.” – Robin 

“I came here today to help myself to feel like ‘me’ again. I have been feeling depressed for a while and Irina has been brilliant in teaching me techniques to think differently and helping me have confidence in myself. Thank you.” – Becky 

“This seminar reinforced my belief that we create our own reality with our thoughts & emotions created by our beliefs. The only limitations we have are those which we place on ourselves.”  

 “Irina’s seminar is uplifting and inspiring in many ways. I can’t help feeling there’s a book in this… One day I believe she will write and publish something to inspire others.” – Tony 

“Came looking to inner peace. Found some ways to it.” – Kevin

“Irina is very inspirational with her energy and positive outlook. She has a unique and impressive way of explaining everything.”

“I really enjoyed the seminar, Irina is very enthusiastic and she projects this positive energy. She is what I would call ‘Lit from inside.” – Helen 

“Meeting with Irina again has really helped to re-iterate all the parts we have previously focused. I feel reconnected again.”

“For me it was being with others, learning and knowing I’m on the right course. I know this is the way and I feel it is important and helpful to be among like-minded people, which isn’t something I have in my own life…yet.” – Jane

“Today has helped me to focus on keep looking forward & not look back. Live for the moment and don’t worry about what has not happened.”

“Thank you very much for the seminar. I have to say that I found it both inspirational and reassuring. I know that we all have the ability to achieve our full potential and are capable of so much more than we may believe. Your words of wisdom have been a great encouragement to me and I hope that along with a few sessions with you I will move forward in a positive direction, sure footed and without procrastination as old thought patterns fall away.” – Terri 

“The seminar helps you to think more positively. It helped me to realise how my thinking can affect everything else I do. Most importantly it emphasised the fact that everyone has the power within them to change.” – Christine

 “Thank you! I found it very helpful and developing! It was eyes opening! I am so happy I was given a chance to attend this workshop. Irina, you are very professional, knowledgeable with excellent manners. I feel uplifted and motivated. Thank you!!!” – Anita

 “I enjoyed the workshop and look forward to attend more like it. Thank you.” – Kate

 “I’ve enjoyed so much our meeting. I’ve been interested to know more about giving love and how to receive it. Thank you.” – Erika

 “It was a very helpful and enjoyable seminar. Information given is very useful.”– Amina

 “I enjoyed keeping my daughters happy. It will help them further in life for any problems they may have.” – Karina

 “I leant that my own energy can help other people; now is the best time to make a change; positive thinking is very important to improve everything” – Kinga

 “I feel much better, I am thinking positive. I love people who think positive, not negative, they always make me happy. I like to be with people and help them to see what is good at the moment. Thank you for giving love! I like you, I  you.” – Agata

 “Your lecture encouraged positivity and happiness in us all. You have made me think about circumstances differently and love today.” – Emma 

“Amazing. Very emotional + positive. Hugely changing.” – Gill 

 “I just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for your wonderful and empowering workshop that you delivered on Thursday! The ladies have felt amazingly happy, relieved and empowered after your session! I can really see that your session started to open something in them and has been a start to them discovering why they suffer and to get rid of it. You’re amazing!” – Martyna

 “It was great to see how well supported the seminar was. It just goes to show how many lives you are ‘touching’ with your expertise and kindness.” – Sarah

Lighten Up & Shine

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Jan 142014

Irina Valentino Hypnotherapy & NLP in Norwich Tel. 01603 665173

When my clients come to see me they are not in a good space: they dislike (even hate) themselves, they feel unworthy, powerless, depressed, anxious or hugely frustrated. They can describe in little detail what’s going wrong and always struggle to see good things in their lives.

Today after a session I gave homework to do to a young man; he has just remembered how good he could feel about himself and about his life. I asked him to practice smiling to people. This exercise is way out of his comfort zone, he hasn’t looked into people’s eyes for 15 years – over half of his life.

Feeling good, experiencing emotions of joy, love, appreciation is our natural state of wellbeing. It’s easy, it is our birthright. Fear, despair, guilt require effort & resistance, they are trained states of the mind. Therefore, these low vibrational energy states can be changed on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Please help me to help this wonderful young man and others by simply smiling more!

You never know you might make somebody’s day or change someone’s life.

By Irina Valentino, Hypnohealing & Life Transforming Solutions

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Jun 112013

Recently, I had a pain in my knees. It was a chronic, not an acute pain, so it didn’t disturb me too much. Except for this nagging thought, “will an operation be inevitable in the future?”

A good friend of mine Jane Aldiss is the Best Yoga Teacher on planet Earth. I mentioned to her, “It’s not like I am struggling. I just sometimes wake up at night, being conscious of my knees. The biggest disappointment to me is that wearing high heels has no appeal. I think it’s my flat feet that cause this trouble.”
A few days later, Jane invited me to put my sexy yoga outfit on. I was gently and assertively taught how to stretch the muscles, position my feet and even how to walk differently to shift the physical problem that I’ve created in the last years.That was six months ago. The pain left a few days after the session. What surprises me most is that when taking my first steps each morning, I still remember the feet positions Jane advised on. Jane gets the same results for clients with bad backs. I am an eye witness to that. Simply a genius approach!

When my clients stroll into my therapy room and sit down in the hypnotherapy chair, they normally breathe shallow, with the weight of the whole world crushing their head. Evidence of depression, anxiety, fears, IBS, sleeping and eating disorders are exposed in their 1st session. Clients often cry as they narrate their bio. It’s almost impossible to see the solution with the same mind and awareness that creates our problems. We all need a hand from time to get unknotted and liberate ourselves.
Like Jane attends to my physical body, I show my clients a different way of positioning their attention: thinking is focused; imagination is stretched; energy vibrations are raised to new heights; new habits are created. The result: personal success translating to a colourful future.
As was the case with my knees- no medication, no operation required.

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.” – Anthony Robbins

After a few sessions people uncover and put to use the most powerful resources they already possess: courage, faith, determination, passion and drive. Clients go on to celebrate life at the deepest level.
They don’t really change the core of who they are; in so much as they become MORE of who they are. Once clients have expanded their thinking they are permanently liberated. The impossible becomes everyday life. It starts with stretching and shifting your focus.

By Irina Valentino, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Book your free half an hour consultation with Irina Valentino at Complementary Health Care Clinic in Norwich or over the phone/skype

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