Feb 072015

Now YOU Can Be In ControlNatural Essential oils are the greatest solution to help you feel more energetic, productive and alive.

There are many essential oils and numerous ways to use them to boost your energy levels, to give your brain, your body and your skin vital components, shake off winter tiredness, revitalise and  rejuvenate. What are the best most effective natural products to use?

Experience doTerra

When:           Sunday the 15th February 2015    1-2.30pm

Where:         The Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich, NR2 1SF

Join us for a FREE class on essential oils and remind yourself about the most natural and powerful way to support yourself and your family to be energetic, healthy, and happy.

Come to The Norwich Wellbeing Centre to hear, taste, smell & experience:

  • how to use essential oils as an energy booster
  • clean your system and give your metabolism a well deserved boost
  • yummi healthy green shakes 
  • minerals and vitamins your body needs this time of the year most skin care based on essential oils – look young
  • spring clean your house with natural products
  • create amazing aroma everywhere where you are

Book Your Free Ticket Now HERE and feel empowered


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