Jan 142014

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When my clients come to see me they are not in a good space: they dislike (even hate) themselves, they feel unworthy, powerless, depressed, anxious or hugely frustrated. They can describe in little detail what’s going wrong and always struggle to see good things in their lives.

Today after a session I gave homework to do to a young man; he has just remembered how good he could feel about himself and about his life. I asked him to practice smiling to people. This exercise is way out of his comfort zone, he hasn’t looked into people’s eyes for 15 years – over half of his life.

Feeling good, experiencing emotions of joy, love, appreciation is our natural state of wellbeing. It’s easy, it is our birthright. Fear, despair, guilt require effort & resistance, they are trained states of the mind. Therefore, these low vibrational energy states can be changed on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Please help me to help this wonderful young man and others by simply smiling more!

You never know you might make somebody’s day or change someone’s life.

By Irina Valentino, Hypnohealing & Life Transforming Solutions

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