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5 Weeks One to One Program Irina Valentino

with Irina Valentino 
Mind Wellness Consultant and Creator of Mind Wellness and Life Transforming Solutions
Relax Your Mind Transform Your Life
Think Well
Feel Great
Create Miracles

Perhaps despite your hardest efforts, constant attempts of self improvement you are hugely frustrated and overwhelmed with disappointing results you get.

Mentally you understand that there is more to life than feeling horrible but you don’t know HOW TO be happy, feel good, feel free from endless worries and concerns.
Negative self talk and feelings of powerlessness?
Thinking that you are not good enough?
Low confidence and endless comparison yourself with others?
Ignoring yourself, not nourishing yourself, your body and your soul?
Lacking purpose, meaning and joy in life?
Procrastination, self-sabotage and indecisiveness?
Having fear that depression could be your fate?
Feeling tired and unmotivated?
Being hard on yourself and disconnected from others?
Wondering why you at the moment feel so much like a failure?
Are You Already Getting Desperate to Be Yourself Again,
Feel Happy and Energetic?
It is time to be your true self and live your life fully and unapologetically.

You are not the only one in your town, in your country and in this Universe who feels the same way.
With support, clarity and inspiration you will relax into your brilliance and move swiftly in the direction of your calling, your purpose, your dreams.
“There is no problem so big or so small that it cannot be solved               with love”        Louise Hay  
I worked with hundreds of women and men, supporting them on their transformational journey, shifting depression, fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, weight problems, addictions helping them relax into their natural way of wellbeing.

Doctors refer me their patients for private sessions for a reason. They enthuse, “Irina creates magic, you need to speak to her.” 
This transformational program works. The results people get blow me away again and again, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude.
Relax Your Mind Transform Your Life
Think Well
Feel Great
Create Miracles
What people are saying ….
                                   and why I am passionate working with you
Irina Valentino speaking

“I was so down, anxious, frustrated”

Now I feel free, loveable, content, so happy and positive, and excited about my life.

“I could see no future to look forward to”

Now I feel that I am definitely moving in the right direction. I feel that I have a wonderful future ahead of me.

“I was feeling unloved, isolated, scared”

Now I want to go & live life to the full & do everything I enjoy.

“I didn’t believe in myself and often was breaking down in crying”

I am now energetic, positive, happy, smiling. My laughter has come back. The whole family is so much happier.

YES, you get these amazing benefits coaching with Irina Valentino 

“I am immensely grateful for the miracles I witness, thank you cards I receive and heart warming messages that come to my inbox” Irina Valentino

Train the brain and engage your heart

with the powerful transformational experience

on conscious, unconscious and energy levels

If ever there was a time to transform your thinking and your feelings, that moment is NOW.
I’m taking on a handful of people to work with me personally for 5 weeks and change their life FOREVER. 
It is your birth right to feel good, you are meant to realise your dreams. 
Through the power of your mind and your heart connect with the energy that you have in you. 
Create a shift to LOVE your life again, you are so worth it. Limited places available.
Step by step transform your relationship with you
and watch your life improve:
  • Start the program by exercising your Emotional Intelligence. Learn the science behind why your health and well being is substantially within your control, whatever your genetics, your earlier lifestyle choices, or your past diagnoses. Practice being aware of your thoughts and realise that your thoughts are not who you are. Connect with your higher self and get a bird’s view / higher perspective.
  • Understand that at the very core you are vibrational energy field that is expressing itself through you. Align yourself with the positive energy flow and become a powerful co-creator of greater choices and experiences. Embrace your Wholeness.
  • Quantum Healing of the past. Transform neurological unhelpful patterns through the healing power of self acceptance and radical forgiveness on conscious, subconscious and cellular energy levels. Recognise limiting beliefs that don’t serve you any longer. Use a powerful process of letting them go creating space for more love, joy and abundance.
  • Learn what food best supports your cells to be alive and feel great. Gain knowledge on natural essential oils that help physical and emotional bodies to shift into the state of feeling good and experiencing love, balance and freedom.
  • Practice appreciation and the power of energy focus as the fastest ways to manifesting your heart’s desires. Learn the essence of the Law of Attraction and it’s practical application. Bring ease and peace of mind into your life. 
  • Deepen relationship with yourself and others. Experience your true empowerment. Consciously create relationships that are meaningful, supportive and authentic, while keeping in mind interconnectedness of all that it. 
  • Open your heart. Receive and give love, share joy, experience freedom. Freedom of choice and freedom of action from the heart. Recognise your life’s purpose. Practice Being Free. Practice Being Positive. Being Happy By Choice, unapologetically and unconditionally.      

Relax Your Mind Transform Your Life Program OUTCOMES

During the 5 weeks personally working with me you will:

  • Reverse negative thinking, feelings and behaviour. Tap into positive thoughts & emotions. Create helpful to you habits and results.
  • Gain Emotional Intelligence. Reprogram your mind on conscious and unconscious levels, raise your vibrational energy. 
  • Let go of unhelpful conditioning and events that hang over you. Make peace with the past, heal your wounds. Relax into your greatness.
  • Deepen loving relationship with your unique self. Transform your confidence. Take control of your health through the way you live. Discover your natural wellbeing. 
  • Feel Great. Open Your heart. Get creative and energised to live life of purpose. Take powerful inspired action. 

Relax Your Mind Transform Your Life Program PROCESS

5 x 60 minutes LIVE One to One deep coaching calls with Irina Valentino

During these live interactive calls you will receive unique guidance and support while expanding your consciousness and working though your personal challenges. The calls will be recorded and you can listen to them again and again at the convenient for you time at your own pace.
When you join the 5 weeks Relax Your Mind Transform Your Life program, you are provided with an extra 2 weeks of support, making it 7 weeks or nearly two full months powerful transformation.
I also provide you with unlimited access to me personally for a quick Q & A calls, emails, Facebook closed group where you can tap into my knowledge, experience, inspiration and support that will make you feel the magic.
Relax Your Mind Transform Your Life with my Coaching Program 

Start Today and Live Your Life with Freedom

irinavalentinoflyingTherapy and coaching with

Irina Valentino
Mind Wellness Consultant
Thank you for considering
to  working with me.
It’s time to enjoy life!
I designed this program from my heart to yours.
I am not a guru.
However, my promise to you is to bring you the very best of my awareness, of what I am learning and living.  Please don’t expect perfect English but do expect expansion of your consciousness, unchanging wisdom and my tireless devotion in supporting your transformation.
Find confidence to go for your dreams and create future that inspires you.
You are the right place. There is nothing left to do
just press the button below

Do you think that is what you might need to move forward? 

Do you have a feeling that this program could be for you?
Want to know more?
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benefit you release blockages and transform your life 
“Your life is your message. Create it wisely, with love” – Irina Valentino


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