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Just reading news, statistics on depression could be disheartening. Media primary focuses on how terrible things are – “Pill-popping Britain: UK takes more anti-depressants than almost all of Europe” (Daily Mail 21 November 2013). “Someone Googles ‘Depression’ Every Two Seconds In The UK” (Huffington Post 19 January 2015).

The good news about depression – you are not alone.

Even better news – there is a way to re-program our minds, therefore emotions, consequently behaviour , thus habits and results.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a remarkably powerful process to re-align the conscious mind with naturally positive thought patterns. Hypnosis boosts the lower frequency brain waves associated with sleeping and dreaming and drops the higher frequency waves associated with full wakefulness. It prompts the conscious mind to back off and the subconscious mind to take a more active role.

1. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind to clean up the mess:

Without questioning we trust our subconscious mind to beat our hearts, to circulate blood and deliver oxygen to our cells. We don’t consciously control processes happening in our bodies. Wellbeing is our natural state. When the conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious mind cleans up the created dis-order. It allows the conscious mind to function the natural way, attracting thoughts of ease and happiness.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you

as much as your own unguarded thoughts” Buddha

2. Hypnosis helps to identify the reason behind depression

Most people have what Dr. Fritz Perls called “unfinished business” with their losses, be it a loved one, a job, or a home. These unresolved feelings, such as fear, guilt, regret, resentment, blame, anger, jealousy are energetically stored in the body and must be released in order to move forward. They otherwise become deeply buried beneath the numbness created by the anti-depressants and addictions. Clinical hypnotherapy removes the underlying cause of depression and creates peace with the past, that otherwise continues to recycle as self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

3. Hypnosis helps to release stored negative emotions

With hypnotherapy, we can go down to the deepest level of the most traumatic experiences, memories and stored emotions to release them from the energetic field. Through hypnosis new neurological connections are created in the mind to allow people to see situations in a more positive way. When this process is completed, people feel that their depression has lifted, they let go of compulsive thoughts or behaviours that no longer serve them.

4. Hypnosis helps to replace trauma with empowerment

With each healing session of clinical hypnotherapy, the old haunting thought patterns will be replaced by an easier and more beneficial way of thinking. Positive suggestions and affirmations are now working due to the underlying triggers being released.

5. Hypnotic suggestions create long term wellbeing

Improved thoughts and emotions create positive effect on the physical body. By freeing yourself from depression you grant yourself the access to unlimited joy, peace, wellness and abundance. The better it gets, the better it gets. The physical body will benefit and soon reflect the newly gained inspired way of being. Inspired = in spirit = reconnected with the universal energy that flows through everything that is. Chronic pain and headaches often disappear, sleep and eating habits improve, happiness, appreciation and friskiness for life become the natural way of Being.

Irina Valentino Hypnotherapy

By Irina Valentino,  

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Tel. 07877141692


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama


“There have been several life changes over the past few weeks. I am feeling a great deal more relaxed. My motivation has vastly improved to how I was a month or so ago. I am feeling very much more sociable and outgoing. I am now very positive – if almost seems as though I was a completely different person with negative thoughts & not enjoying life at all.” – Gina, was off work for over 8 months with depression before she discovered hypnotherapy.

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