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Help with Addictions in Norwich

Recovery with Hypnotherapy and NLP

Perhaps you haven’t been feeling good for a while, and in order to find a relief from negative emotions and introduce some ease into your life you’ve started taking drugs or other substances.  Most likely they worked for a while as you destructed your focus away from fear, frustration and/or boredom you were trying to get away from, but now you and people who most care about you are concerned about your growing addiction.

Another variation: perhaps you have found yourself in the compulsive gambling circle: excitement, loss, guilt.

Are you reading this because you still have a strong desire to feel good but had enough of being dependant on self-destroying substances and behaviour?

Hypnotherapy combined with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other modern techniques will help you to re-train your mind to enjoy and create greater results in your life without the need of taking depending substances or searching for outside stimulation. Like the re-programmed computer works perfectly without viruses, your mind can be a great servant to you to become the best you were born to be.

To be FREE from your addiction book your appointment with Irina Valentino at the Complementary Health Care Clinic by calling on 01603 665173 or email reception@holistic-care.com.

 “Life can be a battle of bad habits and survival, or life can be a work of art of human lessons and heavenly blessings.” – Mary Cook

Every person you meet has a life story to tell.  In that story, we all have challenges to overcome and problems to solve. They allow us to stretch and to grow emotionally and mentally.

“You don’t solve your problems you outgrow them.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Growth often comes when we step up a level of the development of our awareness: the way we perceive ourselves, other people and the world around us, and the way we react in any given circumstance.

However, sometimes when experiencing strong painful emotions of fear, disappointment and emptiness, some people take on an addiction that ‘helps’ us to avoid the pain and gain a temporary sense of pleasure.

Instead of facing deep rooted feelings you may try to ignore them, bury them inside – seeking’ relief’ in cigarettes, alcohol, food overindulgence, sugar, extreme shopping, TV, uncontrolled sex, gambling, games and other harmful substances and behaviours. Repetitiveness creates a habit; with time the addiction kicks in and becomes the way you live your life.

In your heart you know what is good for you and what isn’t. Your addiction is not who you are, no matter how low down you feel at this point.

Would you like to free yourself, become a stronger, healthier person than you were before so more possibilities open for you?
Are you willing to transcend your addiction, forgive yourself and become aware of the true core of your being? If yes, than search for answers to the following questions:

-          What feelings are you trying to mask under your addiction?

-          What truth are you avoiding?

-          How would a new YOU feel if liberated from addiction now?

-          What would make your soul sing?

-          What would you creatively do with your time, money and energy that you’ve just successfully freed?

Ask these questions again and again, be honest with yourself, and seek help if needed. Deep down you have the answers and as soon as they arise thank yourself for making the life-changing discovery and for being the amazing person that you are.

“Recovery is learning to share secrets we thought we’d die from, or die with, or didn’t even recall but were killing us. The biggest secret is who we are, because living in response to shame blinds us to our own deep truth and magnificent evolution. Reclaiming, sharing and transforming the worst of who we think we are and what we have experienced allows us to heal, not just the wounds received and given, but the weaknesses, scars, defenses and consequences that followed them. This miraculous metamorphosis allows us a rich full life with an unlimited capacity for caring and compassion. volution. Reclaiming, sharing and transforming the worst of who we think we are and what we have experienced allows us to heal, not just the wounds received and given, but the weaknesses, scars, defenses and consequences that followed them. This miraculous metamorphosis allows us a rich full life with an unlimited capacity for caring and” – Mary Cook

It may be necessary to change the pleasure you attach to the addiction into pain. To do this, let’s take a ‘virtual trip’ to a shop or another source where you are getting your supply from and spend all your money on the product you were addicted to. Now you have a rather large quantity of the substance that you know is slowly destroying you. What would happen if you consume it all in one go? Imagine smoking all those cartons of cigarettes that you‘ve just bought with your last money. Imagine drinking gallons of coke, eating tons of cakes and chocolate or injecting the drugs into your abused body until you are physically sick to death. Become mindful of every sensation you feel, of every move you make and every breath you take. Become mindful of the slow death you are creating – through a totally unnecessary ‘crutch’, your addiction. Addictions can kill, sooner or later. Certainly they can destroy your life, and that of others around you.

“But actually, my drug addiction thing, I was so stubborn.” – Elton John

Don’t you deserve a better life than that? It takes a heartbeat to make a change. You are a powerful human being and at every moment of your life you have a choice. You are in charge of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions drive the actions you take. You can break the pattern and choose to consciously put your attention on the good that you already have in your life. That way you create a feeling of gratitude, love and abundance. When you feel good you do more of the good things that make you feel good. Your sense of self-worth, your confidence, health, energy and creativity increase. You attract people that lead you to a higher level of energy vibration with more opportunities for growth and joy.

If you are trying to fight your addiction without understanding the root of it, you may just replace it with a ‘better’ dependency or come back to the existing one in a few weeks, months or years when under pressure again. Bringing your conscious awareness to it will move you naturally to a higher level of being. Only that way can you create and experience the life that your heart is longing for.

“Drug addiction prevents a purposeful fulfilling life in exchange for perpetual distractions, drama and destructiveness.  Recovery facilitates a fellowship of faith, honor, service and integrity, in alignment with higher truth.” - Mary Cook, “Grace Lost and Found”

Book your appointment with Irina Valentino and FREE yourself from your addiction. Call the Complementary Health Care Clinic on 01603 665173 or email reception@holistic-care.com.

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