I Am My Own Guru
Reconnecting with the answers, wisdom and guidance you have in you.
365 Life Transforming Steps to prompt explorations, improve your reality, remove blockages, raise your vibration and steer your life into the most thriving place.

Retrain yourself to hear your soul guiding you, speaking to you through your body, through your hands and fingers, through your writing.

All these questions are designed to generate more happiness, greater connection and deeper satisfaction. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Realising your dreams should be fun

...even if everything you've tried so far
hasn't worked and you're feeling confused and discouraged.
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How would you benefit from a gift of Clarity and Self Love?
It's sad, but true.

Sooo many people struggle unnecessarily with their emotions, health and fitness, relationships, finance.
They don't experience the quality of life they deserve. They are not getting the results they want and they
don't know why.
Meet Your Coach,

Irina Valentino

I have been providing Mind Wellness Solutions and
Coaching for over 7 years now. I worked with thousands of people and I see a pattern.
I have discovered that when there are
Clarity, Guidance and Self Love
then life brings us what we want and more.
People, ideas and opportunities come to us.
We begin to thrive!

"Irina is an exceptionally talented professional who has dedicated her life and career to uplifting and transforming those who are ready to embrace a positive change in their lives. She is very capable and trustworthy to inspire and create powerful shifts in her clients. She really lives and breathes her teachings in an extremely congruent way."

Simon Blake
What is 'I Am My Own Guru'?
A question
Read one question a day.
365 coaching questions.
A quote
Deep and profound quote.
365 inspirational quotes.
Insightful answer
Receive inner guidance.
Create momentum.
The secret of living is giving.

Give yourself a gift of transformational
Coaching for Clarity and Self Love,

so you have more to give to others.
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