Jun 112013

Recently, I had a pain in my knees. It was a chronic, not an acute pain, so it didn’t disturb me too much. Except for this nagging thought, “will an operation be inevitable in the future?”

A good friend of mine Jane Aldiss is the Best Yoga Teacher on planet Earth. I mentioned to her, “It’s not like I am struggling. I just sometimes wake up at night, being conscious of my knees. The biggest disappointment to me is that wearing high heels has no appeal. I think it’s my flat feet that cause this trouble.”
A few days later, Jane invited me to put my sexy yoga outfit on. I was gently and assertively taught how to stretch the muscles, position my feet and even how to walk differently to shift the physical problem that I’ve created in the last years.That was six months ago. The pain left a few days after the session. What surprises me most is that when taking my first steps each morning, I still remember the feet positions Jane advised on. Jane gets the same results for clients with bad backs. I am an eye witness to that. Simply a genius approach!

When my clients stroll into my therapy room and sit down in the hypnotherapy chair, they normally breathe shallow, with the weight of the whole world crushing their head. Evidence of depression, anxiety, fears, IBS, sleeping and eating disorders are exposed in their 1st session. Clients often cry as they narrate their bio. It’s almost impossible to see the solution with the same mind and awareness that creates our problems. We all need a hand from time to get unknotted and liberate ourselves.
Like Jane attends to my physical body, I show my clients a different way of positioning their attention: thinking is focused; imagination is stretched; energy vibrations are raised to new heights; new habits are created. The result: personal success translating to a colourful future.
As was the case with my knees- no medication, no operation required.

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.” – Anthony Robbins

After a few sessions people uncover and put to use the most powerful resources they already possess: courage, faith, determination, passion and drive. Clients go on to celebrate life at the deepest level.
They don’t really change the core of who they are; in so much as they become MORE of who they are. Once clients have expanded their thinking they are permanently liberated. The impossible becomes everyday life. It starts with stretching and shifting your focus.

By Irina Valentino, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

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