Jan 112014

Nostalgia was my word for this morning. 21 years ago at the age of 21 I was expecting the biggest gift of my life to be born in a month or so. I was married for a couple of years then and still doing my 5 years metallurgy engineering degree in Tomsk in Siberia. I didn’t possess anything but a few pieces of clothes, most of which I knitted myself as the jumper on this picture. At the time during perestroika in Russia to simply buy milk & bread was a challenge. I still remember how cold that winter was but I Love that place on earth and I do miss my family. It was -32°C recently there and -42°C in Kargasok where my family now is.

Even if I were setting goals I wouldn’t be able to comprehend the expansion of life that I have had and am still experiencing.

My message I guess is simple: Trust in the unfolding. Our own resistance is the only thing that is holding us away from being absolutely happy, healthy and prosperous. As I am, you are exactly where you planed to be before you came into this physical world. Be easy about your life. Take a good care of yourself and those you love and remember that ALL is WELL.

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